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My name is Angela. I’m a full-time software engineer, a part-time photographer and I love to cook!

I have been a photographer for more than ten years, with work published all over the world. My photography focus has shifted over the years primarily into food photography. This blog is a glimpse of my journey into the culinary world, my relationship with food and my insatiable curiosity and appetite.

I’m fortunate to share a home with my wonderful wife, college-age children along with a few rescue dogs.

When I’m not working or monetizing my hobbies, I (mostly) enjoy running, cycling, swimming, hiking and playing an absurd amount of video games. (Update: I no longer have time for all of that and I think I’ve been kicked out of my own ESO Guild…)

About the Recipes

Some of these recipes are handed down from my mother; others are those I’ve managed to hack or cobble together on my own. Some are derived from historical documents based on regional cuisine and culture. Many are adaptations and will receive credit or attribution where due.

However, all are fun, interesting or challenging, and have piqued my interest in one way or another.

Other than boiling water, (Update: Really good boiling water technique) I’ve never seen a single food dish or technique that could be summarized in a single recipe card or bulletized list of instructions.

This is why recipes – especially my own – include tutorials and tips or “junk” before the recipe card – to help out people who may not otherwise have a place to start with. Because of this, and so many of you are busy, all of my recipes feature a “jump to recipe” or a “print” option which will take more advanced users to “just the recipe” without the tutorial.

About the Blog

What you might see in the future
I am open to – and am looking at alternative ways of generating revenue through this website.

The internet is currently at a crossroads, and there are opportunities for alternatives in how we browse, pursue and experience creative content without causing a disruptive experience for the user. Talk to me if you’d like to discuss this more in-depth.

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