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Latest Recipes

All the best homemade recipes from including breakfast & brunch, lunch & dinner, desserts, and beverages. Flash in the Pans even features recipes specific to the Instant Pot, and the Air Fryer.

Easy Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Lunch and dinner recipes for a range of appetites, style and tastes. Choose from the best homemade recipes for comfort food or that are quick and easy.

Easy Appetizer & Snack Recipes

These appetizer recipes are the best bite-sized snacks to satisfy everything from your smallest cravings to your celebratory party planning needs.


Food + Photography + Recipes

Hi, my name is Angela. This is a glimpse of my journey into the culinary world, my relationship with food, and insatiable curiosity and appetite. Two of my greatest passions – photography and food, collide in this tiny space. Welcome to my adventure.

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Delicious Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

The best breakfast and brunch recipes – both savory and sweet. These homemade recipes are flexible enough to be served up any time of day.

Best Desserts & Sweets Recipes

The best homemade deserts recipes will satisfy best (or worst) of your sweetest cravings!

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